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Pete's STOUT Beer Bites Candy


Our latest beer candy begins with a hand-crafted mixture of roasted barley, chocolate malt, roasted oats and crystal malt...then, our Master Brewer blends in Cascade and Nugget Hops. Enjoy Beer Bites deep nutty flavor, chestnut-roasted hue and malty nougat goodness. An alcohol-free beer-based nougat brewed in small batches with select fresh ingredients and the time-honored tradition from Pete's Gourmet Confections. (aprox 21 pieces per gift box)
Price: $5.99
Out of Stock

Snowflake FLOATEMS


Floatems; a snowflake shaped, soft fluffy natural vanilla flavored Royal treat, to crown your hot cocoa and coffee. We use real vanilla, no artificial flavoring or preservatives. But dont think you will have to wait for that coffee break, Floatems are so delicious, you will want to just pop them in their mouth. 27 pcs of heaven.
Price: $6.25
Out of Stock

Natural Flavored Marshmallows


100% natural assorted marshmallows (strawberry, vanilla & chocolate). A great introduction into the wonderful world of flavored gourmet marshmallows.

QTY: 16 Single Serving Gourmet Pieces
List Price: $7.99
Price: $7.25

Original Undipped Vanilla Marshmallows 16pc Gift Bag


Pete's elegantly decorated bag of 100% natural Vanilla marshmallows is the classic gourmet Marshmallow experience -- Bon Appetit called them "a modern miracle".

QTY: 16 single servings
List Price: $7.99
Price: $7.25

SNOWFLAKES 2 pc white chocolate gift bag


Creamy white chocolate and peppermint marshmallows blended together in a one-of-a kind winter confection. Each unique snowflake is topped with a dusting of gourmet peppermint crumbles.
Price: $4.00
Out of Stock

Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Rods | Hot Chocolate Stir Sticks


Peppermint rods dipped in semi sweet chocolate for the most refreshing mint cocoa experience.

QTY: 6 gourmet pieces
Price: $7.25
Out of Stock

SNOWFLAKES Dark Chocolate 2 pc Gift Bag


Catch a snowflake on your tongue...Pete captures the sweet nostalgia of childhood in these one of a kind winter treats. Two peppermint marshmallow snowflakes dipped in luscious semi sweet dark chocolate and sprinkled with a light dusting of peppermint stick. 2 pieces make the perfect seasonal chocolate gift for two.
Price: $4.00
Out of Stock

Ukrainian Chocolate Marshmallow Holiday Eggs
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Our traditional chocolate marshmallow Holiday eggs, featuring naturally flavored marshmallows dipped in white and dark chocolates and decorated in an assortment of ornamental patterns. These symbols of nature are traditional Ukrainian designs representing family happiness, peace and love.

QTY: 6 per basket
Price: $8.50
Out of Stock

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